Program Print Book Advertising

DSO brings together some of the region’s most talented musicians, engages patrons with growing families, and exceeds at supplementary educational outreach to students of all ages. Seen in hardcopy format by more than 5,000 audience members each season, DSO program book ads are professionally offset, locally printed, and fit almost any budget with options ranging from $200-$2500. 


Social Media Engagement

DSO social media is growing at an unprecedented rate, now reaching over 2,000 people per week organically and averaging over 5,000 views weekly with our customized sponsored metrics. Coupled with 1,600 website visitors per month, our online media package could be the perfect way to expose your brand to our community.

2018 Gala Advertising

With 200 prominent local guests in attendance, gala advertising and brand placement is the best way to reach our esteemed clientele through auction catalog ads, program listings, and projected brand images throughout the event. Save 50% on gala advertising when coupled with regular season symphony advertising!


2018-2019 2nd Edition Art Deadline: November 9, 2018