Permanent Endowment Fund

The Danville Symphony Orchestra Foundation is a separately incorporated tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization formed to secure the future of the Symphony. The Foundation is governed by a separate Board of Directors with members chosen from the community and membership. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to assure the survival of the orchestra through the use of interest income from permanently invested endowment funds. A conservative investment policy has been carefully devised by FLK, Wealth Advisors of Raymond James to assure both income and long-term growth of your gift.

The Foundation is prepared to accept your gift in almost any form. Direct gifts of land, stocks, bonds or insurance proceeds may readily be arranged by contacting the Foundation. Members of the Foundation will be happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have. Samples of Charitable Gift Annuity Agreements, whereby you may transfer personal or real property to the Foundation and reserve the income to yourself and/or survivors, are available upon request for review by your attorney, tax consultant or others.

Gifts, trusts or bequests may reduce your taxes or even be cost-free to you and your heirs if professionally planned. We will be happy to discuss the ways and means of gift giving that may reduce capital gains, income tax, estate or inheritance taxes. It may even be possible to preserve or increase present income for the lifetime of you and your spouse and⁄or arrange for an insurance policy at our expense whose proceeds (payable to your heirs) will replace your gift to us. We cannot give legal or tax advice, but we will be happy to work with professionals of your choice. The Danville Symphony Orchestra is yours and it needs your financial support through the Foundation.


Endow a Chair

An excellent way to support the Danville Symphony Orchestra is to endow a chair. Endowing a chair allows the Symphony to attract and retain the best available musicians – the heart of the orchestra. Funds underwrite the cost of the players fees and travel expenses, freeing resources for education and guest artists. If desired, your name or the name of one or more loved ones can be forever associated with that chair.

Truly, the Danville Symphony Orchestra is a community treasure. The Foundation Board thanks you for your interest in the Symphony and extends to you an opportunity to actively support this worthwhile organization. Your support will go far to endure the priceless evenings of musical memories we have been privileged to enjoy these many years.

The Danville Symphony Orchestra foundation was founded in 1992 to provide financial support and encouragement to the Danville Symphony Orchestra. Members of the Foundation Board believe it is a real privilege for Danville and Vermilion County have such a fine cultural institution. If you agree want to participate in the work of the foundation, your gift (either present or future) in any amount will be greatly appreciated.


Levels of Endowment

Podium Endowment: $350,000
Music Director is central to the success of the orchestra. A gift at this level will help the symphony cover the cost of a highly qualified Music Director.

Endow a Concert: $200,000
A permanently-named concert sponsorship offers the donor an opportunity to honor and remember a loved one with an annual symphony performance.

Guest Artist Fund: $50,000
This fund enables the symphony to invite guest artists who have achieved a high level of name recognition in the music world and who’s fees would otherwise not be affordable.

Music Library Fund: $15,000
This fund helps the sympathy to defray the cost of managing, acquiring and renting music.

Endow a chair: $10,000-$15,000
Endowing a chair provides the symphony with the means to attract and retain the best available position for a specific position in the orchestra.

Orchestra Fund: $50 and up
This fund allows every member of the community who wants to show support for the symphony to do so. General operating expenses will be paid from this fund.


Plan Today for the Future

Some methods of giving to the Danville Symphony Orchestra Foundation.

  • Immediate gift of cash or securities

  • Immediate or deferred gift in trust

  • Bequest by will

  • Insurance policies

  • Retirement plans

Please consult your financial advisor and/or attorney to discuss the implementation of your plan and the tax benefits available. To meet with a member of the Foundation Planned Giving Committee for additional information or to discuss your proposed gift, please contact the Symphony office.